New Years resolutions or whatever….

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Oh Hey all!! Who already gave up on their new years resolutions?! KIDDING! I’m sure EVERYONE is going full throttle.

Even me. I mean, I got a GYM membership. Yeah, I’m one of those gals. You couldn’t have PAID me to go to the gym a few years ago. My idea of exercise was laughing really hard or trying on clothes really fast because I felt so awkward in fitting rooms. Hey, you can break a sweat like that, dude. I even met with a personal trainer. I was stretching and lifting ALL OVER THE DANG PLACE in that gym. Then when I got home, I ate chocolate and played video games (I have been playing a ton of Stardew Valley on my Nintendo Switch. *shrug*

But still, that’s a success right? Right? Look, I TOTALLY respect people that can change their lifestyle and completely go all-in when it comes to resolutions, but that’s just not me. And that’s okay. SO, here I am telling you, if you haven’t stuck to yours completely, started a whole new one or gave up the old one- IT’S OKAY. Just make sure you are TRYING. Something. Anything. And no, you don’t need to start every January. Can you? SURE! But we should be trying something- ALWAYS! We should always be leveling up in life! Even if they are small victories, it’s still a victory.

If you fall off the bike, I’m here for ya til your’e ready to get back on!

love love hug hug,


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