Summer with Saranghae, BBQ’s & Sunshine! PT.2

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Super sorry about that break I had to take from pt.1! My pictures decided they didn’t want to upload in my last post- hence all of the amazing GIFs. YOU’RE WELCOME??

(wait…..are you guys only here for the shower pics?! lol KIDDING.)

Okay, so in this post, I will tell you guys a bit more about how my skin and skincare changes in the summertime!

In the summer, like a lot of people, My t-zone gets a bit more oily (this causes extra breakouts), plus I get heat rash sometimes. On top of that, after swimming or spending the day in the sun, I also get dry patches.

I start my morning off using a Korean wash rag (photo below).

They are a bit rougher than what most people are used to, but I have been using them since I was a young teen and they exfoliate like nobodies BIZNUSS! So, I take Saranghae’s Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam cleanser, add a couple of drops to the washcloth and scrub away. Also, please note: there is NO NEED for any additional make-up removers if you are using this cleanser. I lather it up on my face and then take the extra bubbles and rub that into both of my eyelids. BOOM! My mascara and eyeliner are GONE. Maybe I haven’t been using the right stuff in the past, but I have never been able to remove my makeup easier! 

Next, I add the Deep Radiance Essence + Serum right before putting my makeup on. I have completely replaced my daily moisturizer and makeup primer with this product. It is AMAZING. 

Those two steps are my must-haves EVERY DAY.

The Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream is a bit more thick, so I choose to moisturize with this in the evenings! I also use the Elemental Essence Mask just twice a week. You can certainly use it more, but I am so lazy when it comes to sheet masks sometimes. It’s one of those things where when you’re done, you’re like WHY I DON’T I BLESS MY FACE WITH THIS EVERY DAY, then you tell yourself you will…..but find yourself sitting on the couch playing video games and eating chicken nuggets the next day.

HEY! Don’t  judge me! I never claimed to be perfect.

Focus Renewal Eye Cream is a daily blessing too! I sometimes use this before my makeup as well, but always before bed. It’s light, moisturizing and only a dab will do ya!

Bottom line: SARANGHAE IS AMAZINGYou can not go wrong, and I would NEVER rep a company this hard if I didn’t truly believe in it and love it! You guys. feel free to send me messages and comments if you have any questions about Saranghae!



Also, I KNOW EVERY ONE HAS DIFFERENT SKIN TYPES, so please feel free to check out this Saranghae user as well! She has some posts up on INSTY and she is loving her products too! You can find her at @mommaflav


Love you guys! Till next time!

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